Let's start a "short" party of Civ V with a broken nouveau again)

for me so much time doing this kind of things I wouldn't have used it for rusty things

@‫SarcasmKid @‫Technowix where is happy end

@‫ivesen I think I just need to sleep like ~30 min ago oops)

@‫eal @‫Pasty Sure it's the same age as me 🤔

lol there is 2M requests that are mostly unfinished and... I have it :s

Well it's a cert issue that I have see some commits about NV13X but I don't intend to release in public on it... github.com/Thog/chen_ex

@‫digital @‫RafiX If we don't have a dematerialized version of my database

My switch hasn't broke apparently but now I'm too scared to do

No it's Miko, I'm the same but it's worth building it or not GIF for the summit xD

@‫angristan @‫karen AP isn't the only changes that niu has are pngs and some part of it (not like Death Notes)

From reading some reports, I'm thinking of rebooting to linux

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