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We come from California
The air around you was familiar to me now
You were gazing westward
I was looking at you again

Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why when you got caught in it you told the same lie

I go back to places I remember
See what's been going on without me
Stare down the strangers at the bus stop
Pretend they've been gossiping about me

I, I, I'm not gonna die in here
I, I, I'm not gonna die in here

And the window is ten feet high and three feet wide
Sunbeams bounce off the dark water
And come through the clear glass, magnified
Standing here in the house on Pacific Coast Highway
Given to me by a friend whose name is no longer important
My conscience is clean
And the feeling of power like thick red wine
And it's oh-nine-oh-five, military time

And then Cathy showed up
And we hung out
Trading swigs from a bottle
All bitter and clean
Locking eyes
Holding hands
Twin high maintenance machines

You're mean to me
Why must you be mean to me
You shouldn't forget, you see
What you mean to me

I stand where
The flashing swords gleam
And I try to shake my head
Clear of the dream

Fried clams from the diner
Diesel on the wind
Gorge ourselves on caviar
When the boat comes in
Wait for someone neutral
To reckon up the score
Grease on the walls of the kitchen
Dried blood on the living room floor

Looking at you, and I don't know
What it is I see
But I know you're changing, almost indetectably

I'm going to move all my vital organs
To someplace outside my body
The wiring is something you would not believe

You were in town again
You'd come around again
You were dragging me down again with you

I was sitting at the edge of the marsh
When the council came to bring me the news
They handed me a bowl of cooked wild grasses
And they gave me the ceremonial shoes

Do what you have to do
Go where you have to go
When the time comes to loosen up your grip, you'll know

It was a cold dark day
With low clouds standing in the way
And the stars jockeying for position
In the impossibly large office of the death-dealing physician
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Never get away, never get away
I am never, ever gonna get away from this place
Laid out on the street, my eyes toward the sun
Your star next to my face

Dead space on the other end
Perfect howl of emptiness
Cast my gaze around the room
Someone needs to clean up this mess

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