And the Easter Bunny's coming
And God knows I'd hate for you to miss it
It's gonna be so nice
When the Easter Bunny comes
It's gonna be so nice
When the Easter Bunny comes
It's gonna be so nice
When the Easter Bunny comes
It's gonna be so nice
When the Easter Bunny comes

Heard the voices through the air vents
Listen to them squeal
The great big world is out there
The hidden one beneath my heel
Called up my sister in Reseda
Left a message at the tone
All the points where contact fails us
All of the dead spots in the zone

I eat a couple Milky Ways for breakfast
I take my coffee light and sweet
Show up for dinner when you tell me to
And I heap the sugar high and white on everything I eat

If my prayer be not humble, make it so
In these last hours, if the spirit waits in check, help me let it go
And should my suffering double, let me never love you less
Let every knee be bent and every tongue confess

Two cans clear chicken broth
Two white onions
One bulb garlic

I am a mole
Sticking his head above the surface of the earth
I am a mole
Sticking his head above the surface of the earth

I'm the biggest guy in the bank line
Everybody else looks tiny
I could almost smell the fear
On the lunch-hour car salesman behind me
I know this isn't gonna work
I guess I'll see ya when I see ya
I can't work any other jobs
This was my last and best idea

And then the grass grows up to cover up the fire pit and the forge
Half a world away from the Olduvai Gorge

Get some aspirin powders to rub into my gums
Wait for the pain to hit me - buckle when it comes
Feel it drill in like a corkscrew
Avert my eyes when the cause comes into view

Yeah we're all here
Chewing our tongues off
Waiting for the fever to break

Crawl 'til dawn
On my hands and knees
God damn these vampires
For what they've done to me

A year or so ago I worked at a liquor store
And a guy came in
Tried to kill me, so I shot him in the face
I would do it again, I would do it again

'Cause the seal is a wily and a vicious creature
And the seal will bite you if you give him half a chance
Yeah, the seal has a mind set on violence
And the seal is the sworn enemy of man

Water came springing out the side of the wall
And I guess the same thing will happen to us all
We don't know how to explain what I mean
I mean to say it's kind of hard to explain. now

And then they said, "Lights out", and it was lights out
And they gave you your medication
I know what you want, and you know what I want
Information, information

The moon was unbearably high
Flowering plant that hung from the radiator pipe
Was dripping sweat from its rapidly fading petals
And to the humming world in which I was living
A crescendoing stepping sound came in
Heard you stepping over three weeks' worth of newspapers
Piled up outside the door

I was sitting in the street
I don't believe I've made it clear what exactly I mean by that
I was sitting in the middle of the street
Dust made its way into my legs even though my shirt was tucked in
And I saw the colors forming in the west
Saw the bright feathers reflected in the sky, now

And then the old voice crackled through the static
And I felt young and alive
And the hairs stood up on the back of my neck
We were rising from the grave

Sift through the things we had that seem worth fighting for
Dig through the embers
Seek out a witness to the times we used to share
We doubt the pretenders

There's a room for us in a red brick building
By a bright green field in a very old country

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