Because you, with your own hands
Made the whole world
You can't fool me
I'm on to you now
Because you, with your own hands
Created everything
You can't fool me any more
I'm on to you now

And then mom
Rushes out to the driveway
My sister too
Everyone screaming
I am dreaming of you
I hold on
For dear life, I hold on

That love should turn to bitterness
All so suddenly
Poison from my pretty songs
Turned to ruin me

And you showed me a thing or two about power
In its purest form

I set the sapling in the hole
Started gently tamping down the dirt
I saw the future in a dream last night

Nobody ever gets away
Even the best of us come back some day
To the unmarked rooms, where the dry dust breeds
Andrew Eldritch is moving back to Leeds

And in situations like these, it's sometimes useful to
Think of life as one long continuous evening
That never turns into night

And I feel guilty
But I can't feel ashamed
Prowl through empty fields
Great Cain

You've come back from Yosemite
You brought an aromatic cedar bookmark for me
And a brand new stuffed bear
It's summertime, you've cut your hair
And I am leaving you, and I am sorry

We embrace on the floor in the kitchen
Emissaries from neighboring lands
When I hunt down the vampire who did this to us
I will rip out his heart with my hands
I will rip out his heart with my hands

There will be cotton clouds
Above the fields as white as cream
There will be loud singing in the churches
As we all come out to take one for the team
And all our great schemes and plans
Will slip like fishes from our hands

Making contact gets harder as the silence grows longer
And why would you think of me
When you were not the one in love
When you were not the dreamer
When you were just the dream?

But this world couldn't hold you
You slipped free
Yeah, this world couldn't hold you
You slipped free without me

Ice froze the green stems of the daffodils
Ice formed carrots on my window sill
I was blistering, blazing away
And it had always been my tendency to let things slide
But I went to the window with my eyes open wide
And you were taking on perspective
Coming toward the door
You want some more
I've got some more for you
I've got just what you're looking for

Keep watching with the lights out back in his room
Chris Jericho starts tearing up the set
I want to do right by my brother
I want to do right by this feeling in my gut

Tie those horses
To the post outside
And let those glass doors
Open wide
And in their surface
See two young, savage things
Barely worth

Let the young lions come
Let me break their jaws
Let the young lions come out
Let me break their jaws with my bare fingers

But all that comes later
Now there's only you and me
And the replica where my body used to be
You can go ahead and hit him
He feels no pain at all
You erase me
You erase me

Watching the strawberries lose their shape
As the wind blew through the elm tree
The wind was far too cold for the middle of april
And you reached out your hand to me
It was good to feel your hand in mine
It was good to know you felt the pull too
I scooped up a palmful of strawberry pulp
And smeared it all over you

Your drunken kiss is as light as the air
Maybe everything that falls down eventually rises
Our house sinking into disrepair
Ah, but look at this showroom, filled with fabulous prizes

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