The wind from the north, cools me
The wind from the north, doesn't fool me

Empty promises
Empty promises
Empty promises
Empty promises

The third new tree stands just west of the barn
Its best branches grow thicker than my arm
I will water him everyday
And i will chase all the termites away

"He who casts the stone can't ever do so on his own
It takes a crowd to drown a witch"
So he said to us when he wriggled free
And got the gun from me
Standing before us his cracking voice rising in pitch

Color me red, color me coal
Wrap me in black or a snide acid green
Tell me I'm bad, tell me I'm sick
Scream out your hate, be obsessed and obscene
Bind me with love, tie me with wire
Wrap me in gauze and then watch as I bleed
Poison your kiss, kill my desire
Deliver me pain and ignore all my needs
I will not change, I will not alter

They come out to Broadway and they look for me
I'm on the red steps smoking a cigarette
Easy to recognize, black bandages on my eyes
This is the church, these are the congregants

When the room fills with smoke
Lie down on the floor
In the declining years
Of the long war

Take me to a park that's covered with trees
Tell me on a Sunday, please

When I hold you I know
Our number's being called somewhere
Let them come on down

St. Joseph's baby aspirin
Bartles and Jaymes
And you or your memory

Remember soaring higher than a cloud
Get pretty sentimental now and then
The loneliest people in the whole wide world
Are the ones you're never going to see again

Nameless bodies in unremembered rooms
Run howling through the carnage when the wolfbane blooms

Worked hard to build this altar—we made it earn its keep
The cracks across its surface spiderweb while we're asleep
The sacrificial stains all spreading out and soaking through
But I remember when we kept it pretty, me and you

Autumn came around like a drifter to an onramp
There were wet leaves floating in gutters full of rain
Took to walking barefoot around town
Melodies from grade school, kicking in my brain
Saw you on the crosstown bus today
You were reading a magazine
I turned my face away and I shut my eyes tight
And dreamed about the flowers that hide from the light on dark hillsides
In the hidden places

And the heat rising in the room
I am digging graves, I am digging graves
And the water boiling on the stove
I am digging graves, I am digging graves

Take care of the old man
See if he's in pain
Have somebody stay with him
Comfort him when he complains

Why do you cling to such petty points of contention?
And why don't you allow me one or two small victories now and then?

When I receive the blessing I've got coming
I'm going to raise a nice cold glass of water
And toast the living and the dead
Who've gone before me and my head
Will throb like an old wound reopening

It was a cold dark day
With low clouds standing in the way
And the stars jockeying for position
In the crushed velvet world of the death-dealing physician
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah

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