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Stefan is no longer missing

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I'm sorry, did your manager (omar rios, may he rest in hell) not give you advice about putting your phone under the pillowcase on mute so if they said your name you would wake up because that is normal advice

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The weirdest comment I've read over the years with regards to is "I'll donate to the internet archive when it stops being slow" which is like saying "I'll start feeding that dog when it stops being scrawny"

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Imagine how much bandwidth Internet Archive is pushing out.

Increase by a factor to hedge.

It's more.

Tell it to increase bandwidth.

It has.

We don't sell your data and we don't do ads, and millions are downloading terabyes a day.

That's why it's slow.

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Another day, another reading the downmodded comments on hackernews threads that mention internet archive to see if there's anything to be done about the complaints about the site.

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Woke up in a sweat tonight because it was the middle of a fashion show and I realized my black and white themed entourage was unintentionally biting a previous year's entrant and I was desperately laying out an acknowledgement in Helvetica while my models needed me

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Thank you to @archiveitorg for gifting me an account for one year to archive local political candidate websites!

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Coleco ADAM source code! In my scanner tonight is the long-lost source code to the EOS, which is the OS that runs the ADAM part of the ADAM, and the OS7, which runs the ColecoVision part of the ADAM.

Saving this was a collaboration of people, I am just the scan man.

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