I did some simple Flash moving today but had other work to do. Tomorrow is a pile of flash curation and I'm sure I'll stream it so I don't go bonkers.

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The @internetarchive is such a wondrous organization and collection of collections. My latest thrill is the Wallpaper Catalogs of yesteryear. Enjoy! archive.org/search.php?query=s

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the internet archive is saving flash so leekspin doesn't die. didn't think i could love archive dot org more


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With just 10 days to go, Arcade Dreams has a bit of a way to go to get fully funded. They've got a lot shot and they want to make it perfect. I handed them ARCADEDOCUMENTARY.COM because this is pretty much the film I wanted to make. Please support.


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For over 10 years, @edwardbetts has run one of my all-time favorite little scripts. PricePerTB checks against prices at newegg to tell you the cheapest drives currently on the market, a real indication of how things are going. All it's missing is a graph.


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I'm going to say the same except it was September 2010 and it was Jet Blue All-You-Can-Jet

I can't imagine I will experience another deal like that in my lifetime twitter.com/dragoninns/status/

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I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to tell you about it, everyone kind of knows it and sometimes we forget to tell new folks twitter.com/scottythered/statu

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One thing that's impressing people the further they look at the Ruffle Flash Emulator is how clean the code is, and how well it's organized. Thanks to @opencollect - it's also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. They encourage sponsors of the projects at this page: opencollective.com/ruffle#sect

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It appears that the Usual Gang of Didn't Win the 2016 GOP Nomination are going to try to be voices of "strength" going forward and can be summarily ignored as usual twitter.com/marcorubio/status/

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Remember when people were talking about saving net neutrality? Comcast said "we would never cap your data or throttle your speed". We'll here's the data cap. Happening when so many people are working or schooling from home. twitter.com/verge/status/13311

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I had an internal bet over how long after we got Flash going that someone would upload Frog Blender 2000 and the answer is 4 days.


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The flash legend is back! The 2002 "Drum Machine" animation by Tokyoplastic. Right-click on it and make it fullscreen - it's amazing.


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These screenshots of Flash items at the Internet Archive all have one thing in common - the screenshots were made by a script "playing" the Flash in a headless instance. This means that if people upload flash without making a preview image, something can show up in its place.

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