Me and Seedot will show it to a wild Pelipper that stole my coins!

We just defeated a wild Ralts. It was actually a tough battle.

I wish I had seen these Razz Berries on Route 121 in bloom. Anyway, I picked the berries.

Route 121 looks awesome. I couldn’t resist to stop for planting a Spelon Berry.

I loved it when Seedot used False Swipe perfectly to defeat a wild Tropius.

Sweet! The Poké Mart of Slateport City offers cheap Poké Balls. Feeling pumped!

I think Seedot did an awesome job defeating a wild Machop.

When shopping in Mauville City, a Repeat Ball is my most favored item. The journey continues!

Hoenn became just a bit more beautiful by me planting a Watmel Berry on Route 120.

Great. Seedot defeated a wild Numel. We are getting stronger and stronger.

A wild numel defeated Seedot. I failed it as a trainer today.

There is more to a complete training than just fighting. Enjoy the Belue Berry I planted on Route 111.

Yes, I finally stocked up on Repeat Balls here in Rustboro City. Better be going!

Is there a Contest Hall near Route 119. I picked fresh Grepa Berries for Pokéblocks.

Berries are cool. These Pamtre Berries on Route 115 look interesting.

We are heading to the next town after a wild Pelipper took down Seedot. I have to heal my Pokémon.

A great battle against a wild Pelipper is over. Seedot brought it down using Hidden Power.

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