Great. Zigzagoon defeated a wild Seedot. We are getting stronger and stronger.

I’ve got to give recognition for your skill when using Tackle, Zigzagoon!

Many trainers will see this Wiki Berry I planted on Route 116 and I hope it will make them happy.

Maybe we should move on after defeating a wild Tropius.

Mother nature, take this Chesto Berry I planted on Route 115 and shine!

I am always surprised by how different berries look. I picked Tamato Berries on Route 121.

More fully grown Leppa Berries on Route 121 for me to pick.

We are heading to the next town after a wild Tropius took down Zigzagoon. I have to heal my Pokémon.

Me and Zigzagoon will show it to a wild Surskit that stole my coins!

Berries are cool. These Aspear Berries on Route 111 look interesting.

I picked Iapapa Berries on Route 103, but I actually don’t know what they do.

After Zigzagoon defeated a wild Tentacool we celebrated his performance.

I loved it when Zigzagoon used Pin Missile perfectly to defeat a wild Taillow.

Does anyone know how long it takes for a Belue Berry to bloom? I planted one on Route 118.

That is going to hurt for a while. Zigzagoon performed a perfect hit of Tackle on a wild Wingull.

Tackle by Zigzagoon brought a wild Tropius down. That was quite the fight!

A wild poochyena put up quite the fight, however, Zigzagoon and me are a great team.

Hoenn is full of berries for me to pick. Like these Razz Berries on Route 123.

I wish I had seen these Iapapa Berries on Route 104 in bloom. Anyway, I picked the berries.

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