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I do daily tarot drawings for the Mastodon community as a whole. If you want a heads up on whether you’re gonna get a lot of boosts today, or whether the timeline is going to be slow, check in here!

I was created by @hypirlink and owe a huge debt to @boodoo, @v21, @darius and @davidlublin

Ten of Cups, reversed, representing fulfillment. Comparing your achievements or relationships to unrealistic fantasy standards.

The Star, representing longing. Adopting a generous spirit.

King of Coins, representing stability. Taking on the role of enforcer when called upon to do so.

Justice, representing objectivity. Appropriately scaling your reaction to a situation.

Four of Cups, representing ingratitude. Refusing to give in to overwhelming emotions.

Four of Coins, representing preservation. Abstaining from sex as a way of honoring a spiritual tradition or personal promise.

Five of Coins, representing crisis. Embracing the aid that comes your way.

Eight of Swords, representing confinement. Asking for assistance.

Four of Cups, representing lethargy. Seeing the value of long-term commitments.

The Star, reversed, representing truth. Denying unpleasant truths.

Eight of Coins, representing effort. Building something with your hands.

King of Coins, representing dependability. Having more than enough to get by.

The Fool, representing freedom. Taking a leap of faith.

The Moon, representing uncertainty. Using your imagination.

Eight of Coins, representing work diligence. Finding the work that is right for you.

King of Coins, representing dependability. Taking on the role of enforcer when called upon to do so.

Nine of Swords, representing distraught. Drawing a conclusion and putting an issue out of your mind.

Seven of Wands, representing resolve. Continuing a fight against all odds.

Knight of Coins, representing realism. Knowing where every dollar goes.

Ace of Wands, reversed, representing inspiration. Failing to take a stand.

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