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Dare to go back. Get your tickets to a @Fandango Early Access screening of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep and be the first to see the next chapter in The Shining story. in theaters everywhere November 8. fandango.com/DoctorSleep 

Fan art by @chris_digiart.

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Terry Maitland couldn't have been in 2 places at once...could he? Here's the first trailer for HBO's THE OUTSIDER. twitter.com/skdotcom_news/stat

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Donald Trump and Fucko the Clown: Basically no difference.

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What I noticed about that conference table pic? Only one woman in the room, and not a single person of color. If I want to look at an old white guy, I’ll use the bathroom mirror.

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"Leningrad" Lindsay Graham is currently reaping what he sowed.

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I was 17 when Columbine happened.

I was 37 when my child was murdered in her school.

Nothing has fucking changed in 20 years. twitter.com/rminkoff/status/11

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Debate: What debate? After 3 years of Trump's cruelty, crudity, stupidity, and schoolyard taunts, any one of these intelligent, caring people would be like aloe vera on a bad sunburn.

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US out, Russia in. Tell me Trump isn’t working for Putin.

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When it comes to creepy -psychological fiction, few writers can equal Herman Koch. There’s a sense of being locked in a bery small room with a madman who seems perfect;y reasonable.

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Honestly, a thing that was revelatory to me was when I realized I could just respond to invitations by saying, "Oh, I wish I could!" And I DO wish I could, but it would require being an entirely different person.

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Trump foreign policy will be known in the future as the Asshole Doctrine.

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Watching Tom Steyer after watching Donald Trump is so soothing.

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Related: if you loved MINDHUNTERS and you're looking for your next binge-watch, turn off the TV and pick up SAVAGE APPETITES by @rachmonroe. Can't put it down.

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