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1. Denial
2. Guilt
3. Depression
4. Acceptance
5. Drowning

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Excellent song title (by the Ramones): "Every Time I Eat Vegetables I Think of You."
The romance is palpable.

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I have a new movie and a new book coming out next month. The movie is IT CHAPTER 2. The book is THE INSTITUTE. It's about kids trapped in hell and trying to get out. I think both the book and the movie are pretty darn good.

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I always have a huge stack of books to read, but a Michael Robotham novel automatically goes to the top of the pile. His new one is GOOD GIRL, BAD GIRL, and it's unputdownable.

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Initial impression of my first Faux News Trump rally: It's eerily like the speeches Castro made (also broadcast on state-run TV). Trump probably won't go on for 6 hours like Castro in his prime, but it still seems endless.

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Trump rally in NH on Faux News: This is a 90-minute (or so) free political ad, not news. Mighty shameful shit.

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This is Antonio Basco.
His wife of 22 years, Margie, was murdered in El Paso.
Mr. Basco says he has no other family so he’s inviting anyone, who wants to come, to attend his wife’s services in El Paso:
Friday, August 16th
Perches Funeral Home Northeast 4946 Hondo Pass

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Okay, Netflix, you left me hanging. When does MONEY HEIST come back? Because, dig it, I'm not getting any younger here.

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Trump underwater in...
- Wisconsin (by 10)
- North Carolina (by 9)
- Virginia (by 17)
- Utah (by 3)
- Pennsylvania (by 12)
- Texas (by 1)
- New Hampshire (by 26) (not a typo)
- Michigan (by 11)
- Iowa (by 4)
- Arizona (by 9)

Wait... Utah?


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In case you missed it, the trade war with China is effectively over. Trump lost.

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MONEY HEIST, aka CASA DE PAPEL: The current season tops the first one. It's exciting and hilarious.

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In one of his journals, Columbine killer Eric Harris wrote, “Guns! I need guns! Give me some fucking firearms!” Eventually, thanks to gun shows, he got them.

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I’m reading that the best time to plant trees is in the early fall: September, October. We should pick a date, right? We could do 250 million trees this September. I’m good for six myself.

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