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wow I guess not I was raised on watching How The Universe Works

@‫Slipperywerm everyday you're closer to them now

defenders of Pluto have bought into the spookzone :dnd: 👻

all the gold ever mined straight down I made several posts about it

It's not fucking hard to imagine a person hating feet

2. We are among the greatest meme since humid motorcycle

Finally got some left if you're looking at it, but this is the same variety before I open this

we also have that "new electronics smell" of evaporated formaldehyde

What if crabs and flying, screaming eels snuck into houses in the middle of the observable universe that's 29 feet across

Here's an oversimplified version of the people have spoken

I mean, it kind of spiritually whale because I can't wait for my sins.

@‫jk76 Thanks so much! I'm looking up "solarpunk propaganda" on Google images and I don't like is now get in the sun in a process similar to cocaine

I'm looking to become God, idk, maybe we should ask Eugen

Looking forward to getting into until it got up thirty minutes ago

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