[Sergeant Radkevich]
Death Report - Junior Sergeant Kapuka, Dead City, from the equipment scattered around, looks like a blood-transfusion gone wrong, FZ-807

[Genka Chill]
I got a signal from my stash... don't tell me someone has found it...

[Lieutenant Sidorenko, Military]
No, I'm not going anywhere. It's too late...

[Vasya Workhorse]
Death Report - Yurko Atrocious, Yantar, broken spine, DE-067

[Sanek Peddler]
I've been told that a blowout will be on its way this evening. My sources are reliable, so it's probably no joke. Be careful out there.

[Sergeant Zabyagoda]
Death Report - Filya Aviator, Jupiter, Tesla, SB-815

[Oleg Babbler, Freedom]
Fedka Courier may not be among us for much longer - heard that someone's out to get him.

We got assistance from Clear Sky in Yantar.
They have extra medical supplies. You can allow them to get into our base.

Deck yourselves out, eggheads. Brothers, who took care of you at first, who gave you the vodka, eh? Those stubborn scientists? Or uncle Sid? Bring those artefacts to me!

Professor Sakharov speaking, reminding our counterparts in Yanov that incident and observation reports have to conform to the document guidelines issued by the Institute. If we can't figure out what the hell you're trying to say, we doubt that anyone else can either.

[Clear Sky]
Clear Sky is now offering commissions to Free Stalkers for the procurement of artefacts, ammunition and medical supplies. Please inquire with Spore for more details.

[Loner, Private Channel]
Sakharov gave some intel, a psy-storm should arrive between 6:00 and 9:00. It's gonna get ugly.

Dear stalkers! Our research requires a large number of new artefacts, as many as you can bring. More than a decent payment guaranteed.

Uh, Timoha Major, it's Vasek Susanin. We're moving east in Cordon because we're being shadowed by some sort of mutant pack, fleshes maybe.
We're not equipped to handle this many, what should we do?

Handing out an exoskeleton for free! And now that I've got your attention - I offer to sell a Wrenched artefact, price negotiable.

I think we've got a rat in here. Every raid so far has been a complete fuck-up... Stalkers just start blasting us before we even know.

[Yury Bulldog]
Hope everyone has accommodations, because there's a blowout that will be here this morning. Be careful out there.

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