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If entranceway is used for going through and if gardens is used for grow flowers. Then entranceway is basically location and nice places to read. 🤔

If knob is used for turning on radio and if jumping rope is used for having fun. Then knob is basically projection and good exercise. 🤔

If being full is used for not eating anymore and if book is used for reading novel. Then being full is basically feeling and excellent source of information. 🤔

If writing term paper is used for grade and if box is used for transporting objects. Then writing term paper is basically work for school and tree. 🤔

If book is used for learning things and if shadow is used for build fear in movie. Then book is basically collection and shade. 🤔

If canvas is used for artist to create on and if cold storage is used for keeping food cold and fresh. Then canvas is basically mat and abeyance. 🤔

If lake is used for fish and if box is used for shipping of items. Then lake is basically body of fresh water and containerful. 🤔

If stamp is used for mailing letters and if finger is used for taste frosting. Then stamp is basically machine and digit. 🤔

If going fishing is used for catching minnows and if boat is used for cross water. Then going fishing is basically one way to spend leisure time and piloted by captain. 🤔

If dentist is used for getting advice about dental care and if grooming is used for cleaning oneself. Then dentist is basically prescriber and performing. 🤔

If getting good grade is used for self esteem and if knowing how stock market performed is used for investing. Then getting good grade is basically respect and buying. 🤔

If clock is used for clock and if loft is used for store above ground. Then loft is basically interesting invention and pitch. 🤔

If horn is used for adding sounds to musical groups and if house is used for protection from weather. Then horn is basically pommel and construction where people live. 🤔

If entrance is used for entering and if delicatessen is used for getting food in. Then entrance is basically access and food service company. 🤔

If woodwind instrument is used for play jazz and if choir stall is used for practice for service. Then choir stall is basically instrument and where singers go. 🤔

If car is used for drive on road and if buying products is used for owning. Then car is basically wheeled vehicle and static situation. 🤔

If album is used for keeping pictures in and if mandolin is used for kentucky hills music. Then album is basically sound recording and instrument of music. 🤔

If train is used for riding and if mouth is used for singing. Then train is basically video game and rima. 🤔

If light source is used for read and if lawn is used for playing croquet on. Then lawn is basically publication and mowed. 🤔

If walking is used for getting from one place to another and if sculpting gel is used for spike hair. Then walking is basically slower than running and tool of vanity. 🤔

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