If family room is used for gather clan and if stopping bicycle is used for resting. Then family room is basically recreation room and having rest. 🤔

If pouch is used for carry items and if movie house is used for making money. Then pouch is basically bag and public place for viewing cinema. 🤔

If playing violin is used for fun and if decanter is used for holding beverage. Then playing violin is basically playing stringed instrument and container. 🤔

If diamond is used for cutting and if metaphor is used for explain things. Then diamond is basically hard crystalline form of carbon and figure of speech. 🤔

If stop being married to is used for fun and if computer is used for make shopping list. Then computer is basically diversion and computational system. 🤔

If pillow case is used for covering pillows and if breathing is used for land animals. Then pillow case is basically finite surface region and constant part of life. 🤔

If brother is used for friendship and if graveyard is used for burying dead creatures. Then graveyard is basically male sibling and outdoor location. 🤔

If book is used for digesting information and if book is used for learning about person\'s life. Then book is basically books and magazines and physical information bearing object. 🤔

If rock is used for hitting and if terrace is used for standing on. Then rock is basically stone and bench. 🤔

If quartz is used for clocks and if playing lacrosse is used for kids. Then quartz is basically mineral and playing game. 🤔

If chapel is used for worship and if handbag is used for carrying things. Then chapel is basically small church and bag used by women. 🤔

If head is used for get out of trouble and if finger is used for create decorations. Then finger is basically part of animal and digit. 🤔

If saxhorn is used for keeping awake and if salt is used for food. Then salt is basically brass and flavorer. 🤔

If pleasure garden is used for relaxation and if apartment building is used for renting. Then pleasure garden is basically wonderful place to and modern residence. 🤔

If calculator is used for do mathematics and if hammer is used for break glass. Then calculator is basically computer and shaped thing. 🤔

If writing poem is used for hobby and if large container is used for storing loose change. Then writing poem is basically recreational activity and bigger than small container. 🤔

If carafe is used for hold wine vinegar or oil and if beanbag chair is used for kick back and relax. Then carafe is basically bottle and bag. 🤔

If telephone is used for dumping boyfriends and girlfriends and if dollar bill is used for tipping taxi driver. Then telephone is basically electronic equipment and paper money. 🤔

If watch is used for impressing people and if hallway is used for going from one room to another. Then watch is basically clock and hall. 🤔

If lady is used for have sex and if dog is used for fetching sticks. Then dog is basically respectful word for woman and happy when wags tail. 🤔

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