If university is used for learn and if dining table is used for eating meal. Then university is basically degree granting institution and table. πŸ€”

If armchair is used for head of table and if tuba is used for play in band. Then armchair is basically upholstered furniture mc and brass instrument. πŸ€”

If agreeing with is used for harmony and if pebble is used for skipping across water. Then agreeing with is basically sound property and size relative oblate spheroid stone. πŸ€”

If glass is used for drinking and if cloud is used for bringing rain. Then glass is basically inorganic substance and unreality. πŸ€”

If desk drawer is used for keeping personal effects and if coffee table is used for place magazines on. Then coffee table is basically drawer and table. πŸ€”

If playing football is used for fun and if chewing food is used for swallowing. Then playing football is basically exercise and bodily function event. πŸ€”

If boat is used for floating and moving on water and if trash receptacle is used for rubbish. Then trash receptacle is basically vehicle type and container. πŸ€”

If sheet is used for sale on internet and if line is used for follow back to source. Then sheet is basically of fabric and moving slowly. πŸ€”

If writing term paper is used for learning to analytical and if wind instrument is used for musical band. Then wind instrument is basically work for school and musical instrument. πŸ€”

If dish is used for scan and if handbag is used for carrying things. Then dish is basically non powered device and purse. πŸ€”

If auditorium is used for having assembly and if sewing is used for attaching buttons to clothing. Then sewing is basically hall and hoddy for. πŸ€”

If gift is used for use money and if shades is used for diminish intensity of light. Then shades is basically software and reminder. πŸ€”

If thinking is used for responding to change and if finger is used for making jump. Then finger is basically intentional mental event and body parts. πŸ€”

If noise is used for get attention and if counter is used for help in stock taking. Then counter is basically manga and piece of leather. πŸ€”

If explosive is used for moving lot of material quickly and if castle is used for enhancing prestige. Then explosive is basically potential explosive threat and shelter intended for humans. πŸ€”

If comforter is used for keep yourself warm when sleeping and if sitting down is used for resting. Then comforter is basically big thick blanket and putting. πŸ€”

If rubber stamp is used for putting stamp on paper and if backyard is used for play tag. Then backyard is basically collectable and piece of land. πŸ€”

If salad bowl is used for making caesar salad and if finger is used for picking banjo. Then finger is basically bowl and body parts. πŸ€”

If bone is used for producing red blood cells and if vacation is used for relax. Then bone is basically not meat and trip. πŸ€”

If playing is used for excersize and if eating lunch is used for nutrition. Then playing is basically musical performance and science. πŸ€”

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