The last thing usually said at the end of every year is "one".

Atoms vibrate. Everything you’ve ever sat on is a vibrator.

If you live in an anti-vaxx family, the "10 year challenge" takes on a whole new meaning.

People who begin their posts by saying they’ll get right to it and/or apologize for their long post are just making their posts longer

Bombs in films would kill a lot more people if they didn't beep.

The amount of people that are older than you constantly decreases and never goes back up.

The biggest lie we've been told is that school is a place to nurture creativity, whereas it really is the place that a child's imagination goes to die.

The average person has 1.0765 skeletons inside them (math below)

Unlocking your phone, forgetting what you were going to do, and locking it again is the modern equivalent of walking into a room and forgetting why you went to that room.

Maybe Latin is a dead language because people were tired of randomly summoning/spawning demons in ordinary conversations

Life could be worse. Flatulence could be contagious like yawning..

Since some people are always pregnant, the average number of brains in a human body is higher than 1.

For every successful “before and after” weight loss image there must be thousands of hopeful “before shots” that never made it to a celebratory post.

You can't lose a homing pigeon. If it doesn't come back then you've just lost a normal pigeon

DC not having Man-Bat's Alter Ego be Dr Wayne Bruce is the biggest missed opportunity in comics.

If Ice-T managed to drink his entire body weight in lemonade without peeing, he would turn into Arnold Palmer.

Allowing a kid to take out 10s of thousands in loans for a degree with little to no viable chances of proper return is just predatory lending to minors.

Since the Big Bang brought matter and energy into existence, the first children of the universe were Atom and eV.

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