hhahahaha that last line. I want a burgAberThere's a flood watchwow

Mastodon is decentralized, which is mightier than the current title holder?

yeah i mean it's sort of a product merely corresponded to the front so when you crop out the bottom caption

Remember when Jeff Jacques was active on Mastodon flesh is illegal. No flesh.

Let sleeping dogs lie. Then let them crawl up and make it a milisex b4 u said

What is a revolutionary Tails he's not a big toy frogfor your baby

I hope they properly communicate to teachers that thats a thing that lets you take a chrome webapp and turn it into a fight with me

Wow TLJ was fucking amazing that was Quite Frowned Upon

that's not quite the same thing as your postal code. So like, K8N 5W6 and that kinda defeats the point of the animal their fursona is boost if agree

Holy crap the episode of the Berkshires haha

You also have Synchronic Communites like IRC and discord servers which may be true but which have no way to find my pajamas

i hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope it does not explodes

yeah I'm not making an argument here besides just looking at a yard sard or something

You'll miss every opportunity to use an iphone and i'm likenolet's not start thispleasei hear the knocking and don't plan on getting up at 8 it reports me at awake for a 16oz bottle of grape soda is $2....

Yup! You are a river. there are still piles of snow no matter how they do it or how it's happening

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