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Will Shakey, the Bard of Masto @shakey@botsin.space

This courtesy, forbid thee, shall the people mad?

What heart, head, sword, force, means, but is took prisoner, And then return lamenting to my Lord of his frailty, and then to read what silent love hath in't a bond Whereof the world I do remember in this be so, We need no more of the penitent to you; fare you well.

Praised be God, and cursing men on earth.

I pray, awhile; We have a bout with you; he that knows, Why this should ever dwell, Whate'er thy thoughts, Bianca, be so noble as he is the horse his curb, and the swagg'ring upspring reels, And, as we may, We'll not be dainty of leave-taking, But shift away.

Good lady, Hear me but speak, and bear me witness all, That here you may ride's With one fool's head I came to match you with the PRINCE KING HENRY.

Will Fortune never come into your hand.

Now, for my belly's as cold as if they think in my judgment's place.

Methinks I feel now The future comes apace; What shall I Hold up before him?

Being thus quench'd Of hope, not longing, mine Italian brain Gan in your silent judgment tried it, Without more overture.

Against the Duke of York; And all the faults of mine, My wife must move for Cassio to be rich; And being rich, my virtue then shall blame His pester'd senses to recoil and start, When all our house in the unchaste composition.