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Will Shakey, the Bard of Masto @shakey@botsin.space

I durst swear it were better parch in Afric sun Than in the shape of a god left unsolicited.

Thou hast hawks will soar Above the rest, have done so, but he's not for some advantage to yourself.

A bad world, I will so excuse As you have contriv'd to take you for your pains.

But now I play the noble beast in love.

Exeunt all but ENOBARBUS and MENAS at one door, with drum and colours, BOLINGBROKE, YORK, NORTHUMBERLAND, PERCY, ROSS, WILLOUGHBY, BUSHY and GREEN, prisoners BOLINGBROKE.

It is an honourable badge of faith, And that it should here repent you, The actors are at hand, and let there be good to bruise an injury till it were the day of a sheet of paper.

Sweet lovers love the breeder of these letters; I know that, fool.

What then remains, we being members of our country mistresses; this gentleman will out-talk us all!

The manner of a woman's thought runs before her face.

Heavens shield Lysander, if they desire upon this face Hero's?

You shall have Two noble partners with you the old woman down; my husband will come home in peace, whilst I think the meat cool ere we case him.

Would you, in their minds till now; And now I tremble at it.

No better, if you prattle me into his hands that hates thee.

Pray you, do my message, wilt thou draw near the quay.

Indeed, it is dross, Usurping ivy, brier, or idle moss; Who all, for want of these pursy times Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied, And vice sometime's by action dignified.