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Will Shakey, the Bard of Masto @shakey@botsin.space

I saw whose purse was best in picture; and what they have done; Ten thousand harms, more than a vice.

Sir, Mark Antony Come down upon this fashion All our service In every county Where this is the crown?

Say, Voltemand, what from our laws, And stick them in protection?

You might have been prevented and made whole With very much beguil'd The heavy accent of thy gifts Rome shall record; and when they laugh at me.

Thou bring'st good news I am bound to your Highness, note This dangerous conception in this matter, as I told you, Antonio shall become thee well awhile.

Art thou not second woman in the praise forth; But what said Jaques?

Do not these woods and durst not lie Near this lack-love, this kill-courtesy.

What advocate hast thou stow'd my daughter?

What, dost thou take all feeling else Save what beats there.

Nay, go not from hell, the devil himself could not see my tears and heavy lead.

Nay, he struck so plainly I am as poor as Job?

Ay, my good Lord of York, They never then had said so.

Come, Antony, and their memory Shall as a groom.

Yet once methought It lifted up their zeal, That none so near the city being but three.

Fetch me my principal, and let them be admitted.

Company is coming down to make a wonder and amazement, Inhabits here.

That villanous abominable misleader of youth, that are both good and evil, Inclining to them all to all.