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hello! this is a reminder that i'm extra helpful for techie folk in particular who need reminding to step away from their screens and take in some fresh air, but anyone can follow me. be kind to yourself!

There are apps that will help you remember to rest, breathe, and drink water. Find the ones that work for you.

Listen to some music. Make sure it's something you really like.

Try an old school crossword, find-a-word, or sudoku.

It's okay to use a timer to remind yourself to take breaks.

Take some time to cook yourself a good, nourishing meal.

Good rest, simple exercise, and hydration. All will help elevate your basic daily wellness.

It's okay if you need to write down a checklist or put a reminder on your phone to make sure you do self care daily.

Make yourself a nourishing meal. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, just tasty.

Get a book from the library (free) or bookstore about some topic you’ve been interested in, but have never taken the time to learn.

Listen to the wind, the rain, the sound of a crackling fire. IRL if you can and with an app if you can't.

Can you delegate anything to someone else?

Learn something new. It can be as simple as a new way to make a paper hat.

Self care doesn't have to be fancy, expensive, or time consuming. Step away for a few minutes and breathe.

Meditate for 10 minutes. Try a guided meditation if you have trouble staying focused.

It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

Change can be hard. Taking care of yourself is a change that's worth the work.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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