Ain't no saint, I cannot dispute everyone will meet their moment of truth Show more

Posse, we spin you 'round. Hardcore, that's the sound Show more

Never, never endeavor the good weather or whether we'll be there. Only for your pleasure, yeah! Show more

Sometimes this is dangerous. Sometimes this is rough. But one thing is true... We never get, we never get enough. Show more

Doing it for the masses! Doing it fast and slow! When I'm in charge on the microphone, watch out I'm about to blow! Show more

Flow in streams of fantasy come from deep inside. Substitute for memory, dreams I have to hide. Show more

All right, crew! I am a junglist man! Don't try to change my plan, yeah! Show more

Love to rock bottom beats for the flicks to hibernate and syncopate but I'm still in the mix Show more

Massive mental shouts to the crowd. This is the sound of the underground. Yeah! Show more

Mad props going out the mad crew junglists Show more

The Horseman says: You can't please anyone. So please yourself! Show more

Chat the mic, with no care. Test my style, if you dare. Show more

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