Used to be an oldschool skater. The chicks terminator. Now four years later, the new style gladiator 

I cause a riot on the stage like a lion in a cage 

Tell me where's the party. All I wanna do is chase the punani! 

Your last release was anything but a seller. And your microphone fears the word accapella! 

Scooter! Back in the house! Yeah! 

From the H to the P on the mic you will see. The people's champ, that's me. 

Posse, we spin you 'round. Hardcore, that's the sound 

Hello! Hello! Good to be back, good to be back 

I am the freshman. Messing up the jam! Turning up the stereo, join the caravan. 

Doing it for the masses! Doing it fast and slow! When I'm in charge on the microphone, watch out I'm about to blow! 

I say with no delay, MC H on the play 

I'm damned, I'm hot and just can't stop, you can see my back 'cause I run like a shot. 

Tell me where's the party. All I wanna do is chase the punani! 

It's so beautiful to see your hands in the air! 

Never, never endeavor the good weather or whether we'll be there. Only for your pleasure, yeah! 

From the top to the ground back on the floor we need the hardcore 

Actions have reactions so don't be quick to judge. 

Ain't no saint, I cannot dispute everyone will meet their moment of truth 

Alright. One world, one people, one music. One MC. 

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