I know that I've been cold as ice, ignored the dreams, too many lies. Show more

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. Show more

You told me you were heavyweight You're just as light as a feather! Show more

Now let me know if you're good to go Show more

Nobody's invincible, no plan foolproof. But keep in mind we're rocking under the same roof. Show more

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong Show more

We love the happy hardcore, we're getting out of control. Show more

Upon the mic I'm the Voodoo! Destination of Zulu. Show more

Back on the mic I got the sound. Holding you down, down to the ground. Speaking the melody. Who out there got the skills to test me? Show more

I'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher. In other words, sucker, there is no other. I'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher. In other words, sucker, I've got no brother Show more

Listen to the riddim, gonna rock you to the bone. Once again it's M.C. H. on the microphone Show more

I want you back for the rhythm attack. Coming down on the floor like a maniac. I want you back for the rhythm-attack. Get down in full effect! Show more

I could make a film. And make you my star, you'd be a natural the way you are. Show more

Respect to the man in the ice cream van! Show more

Back on the track, ride on. Hot as hell, though you did not expect. Show more

I am the freshman. Messing up the jam! Turning up the stereo, join the caravan. Show more

When I've got the microphone I don't like the slow mo. You know my flow is better than a porno in soho. Show more

Kickin' it, kickin' it, kickin' it. Yeah! Show more

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