Scooter! Back in the house! Yeah! 

Scooter! Back in the house! Yeah! 

From the top to the ground back on the floor we need the hardcore 

Excuse me! Where is the bass drum? We need the bass drum! 

Like vanilla in disguise, my name is ice 

Starting the microphone business, I've got one message for the next decade: move your ass! 

When me chant upon the microphone, and me say with the DJ. Junglists in the place. Junglists on the case. 

It's a mixture ruff to the core. Through the texture. Come and get a taste of the fixture. 

Hello! Hello! Good to be back, good to be back 

The explosion off my tongue makes you shiver 

Raver's you like it rough All of you can't get enough. 

When I'm far from home, don't call me on the phone to tell me you're alone. 

When I'm bouncing, I'm like a rabbit. See a punchbag, I wanna grab it. 

Respect to the man in the ice cream van! 

Alright, this one's going out to our posse. To all da junglist boys and girls in the place, yes! 

Yes, turn up that blaster, I wanna see you faster. 

Scooter! Back in the house! Yeah! 

Discharge hard like lightning quick and hear the tick you got it? 

All right, crew! It's weekend! 

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