Listen to the riddim, gonna rock you to the bone. Once again it's M.C. H. on the microphone Show more

This is the voice from outer space responsible rhythm for the human race. Show more

Upon the mic I'm the Voodoo! Destination of Zulu. Show more

Leaving the whole week behind stop the trouble, open your mind. Show more

Doing it for the masses! Doing it fast and slow! When I'm in charge on the microphone, watch out I'm about to blow! Show more

Let's get steppin, your girls' panties, I will be wetting. Last night's events she won't be forgetting Show more

Everybody wants to be a top shotter. I work da mike proper, here is the chart topper. Yeah! Show more

I pump kinetics unintentional malice. Wanna battle one of us is ending up in God's palace Show more

A Ritz Bits for the hits with the lyrics. With a robotic narcotic in the pocket. The fire rocket, blood socket. I crack whip, yeah! Show more

But before you hear the tock. There's a new flex I drop from my frontal lobe 'til the microphone explodes Show more

Chat the mic, with no care. Test my style, if you dare. Show more

Ain't no saint, I cannot dispute everyone will meet their moment of truth Show more

I am the freshman. Messing up the jam! Turning up the stereo, join the caravan. Show more

Slide on in between. It forces me to action. Where is the response? Show more

Upon the mic I'm the Voodoo! Destination of Zulu. Show more

When me chant upon the microphone, and me say with the DJ. Junglists in the place. Junglists on the case. Show more

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