Listen to the riddim, gonna rock you to the bone. Once again it's M.C. H. on the microphone Show more

A Ritz Bits for the hits with the lyrics. With a robotic narcotic in the pocket. The fire rocket, blood socket. I crack whip, yeah! Show more

Doing it for the masses! Doing it fast and slow! When I'm in charge on the microphone, watch out I'm about to blow! Show more

All right, crew! I am a junglist man! Don't try to change my plan, yeah! Show more

We love the happy hardcore, we're getting out of control. Show more

When I've got the microphone I don't like the slow mo. You know my flow is better than a porno in soho. Show more

Chat the mic, with no care. Test my style, if you dare. Show more

Always lived my life alone, been searching for a place called home. Show more

Nobody's invincible, no plan foolproof. But keep in mind we're rocking under the same roof. Show more

Back off deadly like black coffee. Long as I got lungs and a knot you can't stop me Show more

Yes, turn up that blaster, I wanna see you faster. Show more

me for all of the greatest . At least one great each day! Rough radical!

Posse, you keep the spirit alive!

Rambling wack shit try to show you're the baddest while I sit back and relax go in full flow with attacks. Show more

Back on the mic I got the sound. Holding you down, down to the ground. Speaking the melody. Who out there got the skills to test me? Show more

How do I get off this bus? Show more

Leaving the whole week behind stop the trouble, open your mind.

from 'Zebras crossing the street' on the album 'Wicked!'

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