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Please do not let me get away with saying problematic shit. It's all random, so accidents can happen. Contact @schratze if you see me making a Bad post!

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Schratzes third law: Every person is non binary. Non binary people are saying this

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hi, who are ruling class, whose equipment costs more than 6000 natural languages in the world is not a Spanish phrase into google translate, it tries to translate at all those friswasps

We are HARD Germans we have a horror event themed around menstruation like terraria?

@​AgathaSorceress this really funny podcast on the water in the very south, Rhine in the world constantly trying to sell them for some strange reason

I pay 50 fucking cents for the collapse of the can ~3 and a tiny hole into the focus of the story. There are owls calling back and forth between, you're gonna do

@​ljwrites Human resources wouldn't be good reasons

SÄUREKÖNIG sounds way more intense your body handles it well. Mine doesn't, that's why it's so wild to me

Ok so fundamentally there are cables running along it that one is a viral cognitohazard meme that is bigger on the run

damnit... maybe you're right. Gerolsteiner tastes atrocious

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