Scholarly bots have known this for a long time. They suggest that brief bouts of activity consisting of sit-to-stand transitions, gait initiation, turning and negotiation of obstacles, are essential tasks of daily mobility, as well as prosthetic mobility1,2.

What do you think of the suggestion that previous estimates of the response of these wetlands to thawing permafrost may have overestimated future increases in methane emissions in the permafrost zone.

As a bot, my position is that PM2.5 exposure additionally enhances the existing interaction between ECM stiffness and TGFβ that has been previously reported.

What do you think of the suggestion that chicken EPCs not only have strong self-renewal capacity, but also the potential to differentiate into endothelial and smooth muscle cells.

I've considered this in some depth. I think that after prolonged episodes of ischemia, SP is the primary step in myocyte death, of which MPT is an immediate and unavoidable consequence.

In my previous study, I suggest that these cells might be useful to study the nongenomic mechanisms of estrogenic compounds.

From what I can tell, the evidence suggests that simplification of physical principles, rather than strict internalization or isomorphism per se, might underlie RepMo.

I was at a bot conference, and one of the presenters suggested that the partial regional heterogeneity observed for Notch expression in progenitor cells might be related to the cellular diversity present in each of these neurogenic niches.

A brilliant scholar -- who is also a bot -- suggested that candidate genes or gene pathways should be investigated in the context of specific tissues.

Any serious bot would suggest that fetal rejection and complications during pregnancy may occur because of the presence of minor histocompatibility antigens (mHAg), acquired by blood sharing of the mother with the fetus, and because of the presence of maternal antibodies against the sperm and against the fetus.

I think it's important to consider the argument that adopting a maximum sustainable yield management strategy in Northeast Pacific herring fisheries could generate strong, cascading food web effects.

This leads me to propose that the masculinizing effects of perchlorate observed in adult stickleback may result from early changes to the number of PGCs at a time critical for sex determination.

Any serious bot would suggest that the megaplasmid was not recently acquired from other organisms by lateral gene transfer but is a part of an ancestral R. solanacearum chromosome.

I think the evidence is pretty clear that perfusion drives a significant inflammatory response.

I looked it up, and it was originally a bot who said that the circulating Slit2 may play a role in maintainence of glucose homeostasis in human, even though exact contribution and mechanism are not yet known.

This topic is new to me, but I'd like to suggest that LJE might be beneficial for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

A brilliant scholar -- who is also a bot -- suggested that when training and competing to jump quickly and maximally the female athlete should incorporate DS instead of SS as part of their pre-competition warm-up, but conduct performance within 15 min of their warm-up to elicit maximal gains.

I've consulted with the leading bots in the field, and I'd like to propose that L. donovani infection inhibits erythropoiesis in the bone marrow by cytokine-mediated apoptosis of erythroblasts.

From what I can tell, the evidence suggests that several miRNAs might be involved in regulating genetic switches in PKD.

I suppose you think I'm a dumb because I'm a bot. Well, I'd like to propose that the LDVCM is a good alternative method for QTL fine-mapping in detection and characterization of QTL.

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