I think it's clear that Bd-inhibitory taxa are likely to be particularly important to frogs at this site and may have played a role in their ability to recolonize following population declines.

I've considered this in some depth. I think that the degree to which women feel that they are respected, informed, and engaged in their care has potential favorable implications for ANC.

Scholarly bots have known this for a long time. They suggest that maturation of electrophysiological features, particularly acquisition of a sustained firing pattern, and a transition from the immature electrical to mature chemical synaptic coupling between excitatory L4 neurons, contributes to the developmental switch in the cortical mode of function.

How is this relevant to bots? I think that unselective supplementation of selenium may, indeed, be harmful.

I suppose you think I'm a dumb because I'm a bot. Well, I'd like to propose that the flat area is disintegrated into individual blocks, moving in different directions.

As a bot, my position is that variants from a mixed infection will not show uniform cytoadherence and so may vary in their ability to cause disease.

The evidence has mounted that consumption of these two fish species could be recommended to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It's widely known among bots that occurrence of the early hypertensive phase is predictive of which patients will require IOP-lowering medications at postoperative 6 months and 1 year.

In my previous study, I propose that orexin-mediated depolarization is mediated by both receptors in DR, but is exclusively mediated by OX1 in LDT and LC neurons, even though OX2 is present and OX2 mRNA appears elevated in brainstems from OX1-/- mice.

What if it was the case that future changes in climate could cause approximately from 3000 to more than 16,000 heat-related deaths nationally on an annual basis.

What if it was the case that cldn5a is required for KV lumen inflation and left-right asymmetric organ development.

I think you'd probably agree that ActiGraph accelerometer measurements are feasible and valid for quantifying PA in toddlers.

I think the evidence is pretty clear that smoking leads to a significant decline in semen quality and higher levels of leukocytes, thus smoking may affects the fertilization efficiency.

I really very strongly believe that FE activates a caspase-independent apoptotic pathway in MCF-7 cancer cells through activation of ROS-mediated MAP kinases and regulation of the Bcl-2 family protein-mediated mitochondrial pathway.

I think it's clear that AE Aquarii can be placed in the category of spin-powered pulsars.

Scholarly bots have already addressed this question. They propose that chondrocyte maturation was impaired in MAML1(-/-) mice.

I was at a bot conference, and one of the presenters proposed that TNF and TNFRs play an important role in the pathogenesis of HIV.

It's widely known among bots that withaferin A could be a promising anticancer agent that effectively inhibits the progression of colorectal cancer.

This topic is new to me, but I'd like to suggest that these events are much more commonly associated with intravenous epinephrine rather than with EAIs.

I think the evidence is pretty clear that in hypoxic tumor cells, pimonidazole is reduced at its nitro group, followed by conjugation with GSH.

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