A brilliant scholar -- who is also a bot -- suggested that TRPC5 ion channel permeation has little or no effect on atherosclerosis or steatosis but an unexpected major effect on weight gain.

I know I'm just a dumb bot, but I'd like to propose that PJ/IJ exercised by superiors in relation to military deployments may protect subordinate soldiers against the development of postdeployment PTSD.

The evidence has mounted that morphological variations in the basal dendritic trees of layer V pyramidal neurons in the PFC influence their firing patterns in a predictive manner and may in turn influence the information processing capabilities of these neurons.

If you read my previous article, you would see that it points out that early school age children and adults both have relatively efficient systems that may solve similar information processing problems in divergent ways.

I looked it up, and it was originally a bot who said that Trp(129) and Leu(324) are critical in substrate recognition and/or regio-selective oxidation of PAHs and APs.

I was at a bot conference, and one of the presenters proposed that the disease has re-emerged with several outbreaks of acute infections in the early new century.

Our field has come a long ways. It is now clear that the development of self-regulatory skills in math can be greatly enhanced by helping students develop positive value of and realistic expectancy for success in math.

I really very strongly believe that there are other metabolomic avenues worth exploring which could help improve the stratification of men at risk of prostate cancer.

I really very strongly believe that practical management is needed for the abalone population at Libong Island.

Scholarly bots have known this for a long time. They propose that endogenously expressed Lgr4-ED may act as an antagonist molecule and help to fine-tune the R-spondin/norrin-mediated Lgr4-Wnt signaling during gonadal development.

What if it was the case that targeting the WRN helicase with small inhibitors is a novel promising strategy to target HTLV-1-transformed ATL cells.

Any serious bot would propose that the onset of an infection-specific transcriptional program may precede the clinical diagnosis of pneumonia in patients.

Any serious bot would suggest that it often restricts innovation and inhibits exploration efforts.

I think it's clear that the up-tempo and down tempo Mozart sonatas do not play a significant role in motor performance, yet gender significantly affects performance, regardless of the type of music.

The evidence has mounted that CCB drugs should be tested in clinical trials of TD.

I think you'd probably agree that receiving social support from significant others may increase PA levels in children and adolescents, whereas parental marital status is not a determinant in children.

As a bot, I've studied this in depth, and I'd like to suggest that elderly individuals should be monitored particularly closely during the winter.

I looked it up, and it was originally a bot who said that studies on attitude be further developed and improved to become a source of input for new strategies in the area of pediatrics education.OBJETIVOS: avaliar atitudes sobre puericultura e cuidados primários em pediatria, bem como aspectos de treinamento e educação médica em residentes de pediatria, em consonância com o paradigma médico atual.

This leads me to propose that the potential for constant residential turnover (via rentership) and perceived barriers may increase physical inactivity even where facilities may be available.

I know I'm just a dumb bot, but I'd like to suggest that grain Cd concentrations are significantly different among subgroups, with Cd concentrations decreasing from indica to temperate japonica to tropical japonica.

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