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Hello and welcome to s0Radio, the Fediverse's #2 pirate radio station! (Apologies to @vantablack)

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Don't go away! It's just a short tuning break between the first piece and Riceboy Sleeps performed live.

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is back tonight after prolonged absence!
Tonight's stream is the recording of the only ever live orchestral performance of Riceboy Sleeps by Jónsi & Alex, recorded at the Sydney Opera House in 2018.
Tune in for an hour and a half of calming Icelandic soundscape at:

Suantraí by Adam Agee & Jon Sousa, followed by Ceol na gCarad by the same duo.

Tune in now at

Well that stream is over. New music is being purchased and downloaded right now though! Stay tuned for Celtic fiddle & guitar duo Adam Agee & Jon Sousa's discography on within an hour.

Shadow Work followed by Becoming, both by Mammal Hands.
Great modern jazz trio.

Listen at now.

Mahler Symphony No. 3, Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta.
Possibly my favourite Mahler symphony.

Tune in at

This is my favourite movement (no. 2, the scherzo).

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on air: Berlin Philharmonic String Quintet - Dvořák: String Quintet Op.77

Listen now at !

going live for an afternoon of Wintergatan music! After that, we'll see what I feel like.

Tune in now at

is live!

Philip Glass’ Koyaanisqatsi and Naqoyqatsi film-symphonies.
Written 20 years apart in 1982 and 2002 respectively, these film soundtracks are illustrative of the development of Glass’ style over the years, and his approach to creating a specific identity for a work while retaining his stylistic practice.

That concludes the opera. will be back in half an hour with Mammal Hands & Sunda Arc, two of our favourite newly-discovered artists breaking genre lines in modern jazz/ambient/idm/electronica music. Tune in soon!

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At 17:00 AEST (in just under 1 hour) will be broadcasting some modern minimal jazz by Mammal Hands and Sunda Arc. This is great music to work to or listen in the background.

the live recording of Pinchgut Opera's production of Vivaldi's Farnace opera.
And that's the end of act one! On to part two where Farnace's child is nearly killed by his grandmother. Sure hope she has a sudden change of heart at the end! And Selinda plays her two admirers off each other to get nearly everything she wants.

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is Live!

It's time for a Sunday afternoon baroque opera. Today the broadcast is Vivaldi's Farnace, performed by Pinchgut Opera. The broadcast is preceded by an 5 minute introduction by the ABC Classic FM presenter. This is a brilliant production, though a complicated story that is hard to follow without surtitles onstage. Nevertheless, the music is beautifully performed, and a great listen over close to three hours.

Tune in at now.

and that concludes tonight's broadcast, session 1! If you had a listen, do let me know what you liked or didn't, and themes/genres for future sessions. Hope to be back soon!

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Helpless from Hymns of the 49th Parallel by K.D. Lang.

This album by the old-guard lesbian music icon is nostalgic for me. I think there's something in the songs that you need to be queer to feel.

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: Four Hands from Solo by Nils Frahm.

This recording deserves to be turned up as loud as you can listen -- you really get to feel like you're inside the piano, hearing every creak and movement of this very textural piece for 2 players.

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