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Long Way Through (2021): Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman ride specialized motorcycles which bore through the centre of the Earth

iOS Instapaper has had a bug for years where it will slowly consume all your storage, which is frankly amazing for an app designed for reading text-only articles

Sure, you can decry the commercialization of the holidays, but people are just trying to keep the “as” in “Christmas”

the Nintendo Switch “transfer picture to smartphone” procedure is wild

Aristarchus of Samothrace finishing his edition of Homer (2nd century BCE, colorized)

Sure, everybody loves Ancient Greek democracy, but hardly anybody still talks about timocracy (τιμοκρατία). That’s where we’re all ruled by one guy named Tim

o wow it got here one day early, it’s a crimbus miracle

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We've got hentai, we've got furries, we've got libraries, we've got shoulder-surfing, we've got landlines, we've got illegal autodialers, WE'VE GOT IT ALL | INTERNET GIRLFRIEND CLUB #9 IS ONLINE NOW!!!

Maybe the real keikaku was the Japanese vocabulary we learned along the way

can’t buy any digital switch games that are currently on sale because my switch probably won’t get here until after the sale ends 😔 en-americas-support.nintendo.c

you’re telling me an assassin wrote this creed?

Zoïs to her brother Ischyrion, greetings,
Nobody brought me a letter ASKING for bread, but look, if you send a letter with Kollouthos, I'll send you an artaba immediately. If you want to go to Alexandria, see Apollos…
, November 25th, 30 CE;10;129

That there’s now a series of detective novels & TV shows named “Van der Valk” has made it much harder to search for the philologist, Marchinus Hyminus Arnoldus Leonardus Hendrikus van der Valk

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