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first blog post of 2022 about how I'm accidentally in the middle of publishing an (illustrated) book WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

check the extremely wild etymology of English “migraine”, which could have been something completely different if ancient Egyptian had come up with a different way of expressing “headache”

Hey I did it, I made a worlde clone, but for guessing languages!

Just updated Loebolus to use 📕 & 📗 instead of list bullets:

Introducing the exciting new prospect of automated surveillance-based insurance premiums raising your rates because your 'self-driving' car drives worse than you

copy/paste error led to describing an ostracon as having a "flesh side" and "hair side", and you know what, i'm just going to start using that and see who stops me

📂 Bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, videos, lectures, interviews, radio segments, news articles)

🎧 Listen to it later in your favorite podcast client!

my brother in φιλοσοφίᾳ there is a nine-volume loeb set that still doesn’t have all the surviving fragments

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hate when this happens while I'm looking for the pre-socratic philosophers

someone posted a video of a procedurally animated isopod on twitter. so I put the Green Hill Zone music on it

welp, 1Password 8 no longer supports local/Dropbox vaults. RIP

as background: I had previously converted an arcade cabinet to run off a RaspberryPi via a J-PAC for MAME and console emulation, which kinda sucked for a variety of reasons. I’ve now replaced it with a MiSTer, an FPGA that people have used to make cycle-accurate implementations of old gaming hardware, and MiSTercade, an addon that allows everything on it to run through standard JAMMA

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I’m absolutely vibrating with nerd joy at having successfully replaced this setup with a MiSTer + MiSTercade

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