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since I no longer regularly come in to the library, recalling a book from me is now like sending me on a multi-hour sidequest

"Cypro-Minoan was added to the Unicode Standard in September, 2021 with the release of version 14.0" oooh nice

You’ve got a text that comes down in multiple traditions, one of which is oral transmission by blind monks who at one point were performing the entire epic from memory accompanied by their own lute-playing. Sound familiar?

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Seems like there’s a whole rich untapped vein of philological research for Homeric oralists to engage with in the transmission of the “Heike Monogatari” epic

extending the free trial for from 30 days to 45 days for anyone who signs up this weekend!

everybody loves a good money forklift montage

game where all the NPC's consider themselves to be the PC and try to complete the main quest line. they consider the PC and all other NPC's as being NPC's. your goal as a PC is to beat all the NPC's to be the first to complete the main quest line

Wait, you want the *demos* to have the kratos? Sounds like communism

extending the free trial for from 30 days to 45 days for anyone who signs up this weekend!

ok I thought people were exaggerating about this “Paul Giamatti egg scene” but I’m going to have to cut and post the entire thing at some point because it’s art

a fun pastime is to imagine how comical any given English word would sound with a restored classical Latin pronunciation and then realize with creeping horror that it comes from Latin roots

Some important context for the recent claims for establishing a cosmic airburst at Tall el-Hammam ca. 1650BCE (and trying to link it to the biblical story of Sodom):

been developing with Rails for over a decade and just made my first Rails PR:

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as someone who's been using an iPhone since 1G and *still* would sometimes accidentally go to the home screen when trying to switch tabs in Safari, I actually really like the new iOS 15 Safari tabs-on-bottom and tab-switching

heads up if you’re using 1Password with Dropbox sync, don’t even bother with trying the iOS 15 web extension:

but seems like my only choices for developing an iOS 15 web extension are to buy a new Mac or unofficial-patch-install Big Sur onto an old Mac, because the last Xcode that will install on my Macs only supports building Safari 15 web extensions not iOS 15 web extensions

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