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wait, what if I made an Anki deck to try to memorize all 800+ Ancient Greek tachygraphic signs

lifehack: get clipboard contents from a remote mac to a local mac over SSH

$ ssh remote.hostname pbpaste | pbcopy

stumbled across a papyrus today where a dude finds out his pantry’s being raided by his downstairs neighbors, who drilled a hole in their ceiling and were slowly siphoning out grain;1;322

balan wonderworld is completely baffling as a $60 square-enix game released in 2021

Testing out my amateur epigraphy skills on this newly-discovered mosaic:


ὑπὲρ εὐχῆς
του οἴκου
μου ἐποίησα

of prayer
of all my house
I made

mighty bomb jack live? all prerecorded, he’s just pretending with a controller on stage

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starting a conspiracy theory that all the gamecenter cx gameplay is plotted/prerecorded and Arino just comes in and shoots reaction shots

mods are asleep, search for “Wisconsin” on Apple Maps

too many publishers missing out on the burgeoning market of consumers who prefer to read their books in “plastic comb” format

Going through papyri that the British Library has put digital images online for in the past year, and here's a fun one: portion of a papyrus roll of Bacchylides' Dithyrambs with a palimpsested(!) parchment(!) sillybos(!) still attached(!)

(For a reference on Homer discussing writing just check Il. 6.169 and surrounding/related)

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Gleick also seemingly intentionally ignores that Homer discusses written language in a section where Gleick is discussing the oral tradition in the history of written Greek (this strays into outright “wrong” territory because the implication he makes is that there was no Greek writing contemporaneous with Homer)

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there’s several centuries of Ancient Greek lexicographical tradition that’s ignored or misunderstood by both books

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was gonna post the first toot earlier but it was just in “kinda wrong” territory, but “The Information” just asserted that the invention of dictionaries depended on print which is just comically wrong

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previous book that got me riled up about this was Judith Flanders’ “Everything In Its Place”, this one is James Gleick’s “The Information”

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ah no fuck I thought I was reading a completely unrelated book but it’s swerved into the history of lexicography and alphabetical order, once again making several incorrect statements

This is incredible, and it's almost a shame that they chose to launch it today:

End-to-end-encrypted file upload links that expire in 24hrs. Uses HTTP streaming on both ends so that you get a usable link immediately, and anyone can download even while you're still uploading.

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