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My contribution to ISAW Papers 20—Linked Open Data for Papyrology. Details some of the background on how we use linked data under the hood & publicly for

Galaxy brain realization: “tragedy” and “a capella” are cross-language synonyms

so youtube auto-transcribed at least one instance of “multispectral image stacks”, a phrase i use 1,000 times in this talk, as “multi-special image sex”

Short shell script for concatenating video files with ffmpeg's "concat" demuxer, using only command-line arguments:

Just learned that this exists, a handy DOI-to-PDF web app:

1) This is great if you have library access to articles but getting to them often requires jumping through hoops
2) I wonder if it would have ever been made without the existence of Sci-Hub

Borgesian Garden of Americans which contains statues of every single American, living or dead

“Yeah we can handle your needs but only for the first 1/4th. We cover everything from α to ζ”


While everyone’s so concerned about Twitter censorship, I set up an account for a side project 3 months ago in anticipation of using it after the project launches. Confirmed the email address and phone number. Tweeted once to test, followed nobody. Logged back in this month and it’s suspended for no reason.


new type of guy in my twitter mentions who insists the 25th amendment provides no way to remove a sitting president

my favorite part of using homebrew is i'm like "hey i wanna upgrade mosh" and it's like OK RECOMPILING GCC FROM SCRATCH

Choosing to believe that this Comet Godzilla marathon is in honor of MF DOOM

someone emailed me out of the blue at 11PM YESTERDAY with a question about how to compile something and has the email signature “I don’t email outside of usual working hours, and I don’t expect you to either!”

favorite publication of 2020? probably the article I wrote in 2016 that should come out at the start of 2021

go ahead. keep pentesting 404’s at my server. it only makes my Rack::Attack blocklist stronger

My brain upon seeing a plausible argument that “yahweh” was originally vocalized in Hebrew as “yaho” or “yahu”:

So…do I need to play the other 1,468 Neo Atlas games before I play Neo Atlas 1469?

[scholiast reading about eumaios roasting a pig for odysseus at odyssey 14.74-80 and making a marginal note] ok this is epic bacon

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