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This exempli's gratia, but the next one'll cost ya

You can now clone this repo, run `docker-compose up`, and have a completely local running copy of

Making your hostname 255 characters long? That’s a hostname with the mostname

Daily motivation: tackle something with the same persistence that YouTube has for trying to trick you into subscribing to YouTube Premium

Asked a German professor if they knew the Ancient Greek for “to swim”.

“Nein,” they answered.

I really want a “in THIS economy??” bot that goes through and does the joke for every “X & Y” titled page on Wikipedia


Louis Pasteur: Guys. It’s time for some germ theory.

Fishmonger asked who was responsible for repealing the Draconian laws and laying the foundations for Athenian democracy.

Headed out the door, I said “Solon, and thanks for all the fish”

Reading popular history about something I’m not familiar with: wow, cool, I never knew that

Reading popular history about something I *am* familiar with: wow, this is, in fact, wrong


For whatever its other faults, pure random sortition would only ever give us about a 1 in 170 million chance of electing Donald J. Trump

It has to come from an RSS feed enclosure element for it to be called a podcast, otherwise it’s just sparkling paywalled dudes talking over each other

the price tiers on this SaaS product are “free”, “$12,000 per year”, and “contact us”



My li’l secret tech side project is now using Rails 6 + webpacker + assets on CDN + caching and I just feel really dang good about how fast it is in prod

How many whiskeys were consumed before this review was written? How many whiskeys would I need to consume before I could actually read it?

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