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Just to keep you on your toes—

Recto: front
Verso: back

Vorderseite: front
Rückseite: back

Twitter just unfollowed me from every single account I was following. What in the entire fuck

rewatching stranger things the way it was intended to be seen: in italian

Think you don’t have deeply-rooted childhood memories? Try playing NES DuckTales without instinctively knowing the location of every hidden item

I keep a bust of Smyth to watch over my use of the Ancient Greek postpositives. Well, I say a bust, but it’s really more of a γαργουλή

We probably understate how rewarding it is to be able to engage directly with ancient sources for the express purpose of knowing how completely wrong other people trying to use them for superficial arguments are

cursed etymology pairing 

‎—A small wooden trading vessel.
‎Borrowed from French caïque, from Italian caicco, from Ottoman Turkish قایق (kayık), from Old Turkic kayguk, from Proto-Turkic *K(i)aj-guk (“boat, oar”). Cognate with modern Turkish kayık.

—A type of small boat.
Borrowed from Inuktitut ᖃᔭᖅ (qajaq, “man's boat”) (Inuvialuktun), from Proto-Eskimo *qyaq.

If Tom Holland (writer) is so upset about people confusing him with Tom Holland (actor), he should simply change his name to Jerry Denmark

new github project category “i thought it was clear this entire thing was irony-poisoned”

not trying to pull a “yet you participate in society” but c’mon man

lmao just found out academia dot edu has managed to get blocked from showing up in every major search engine

I'm just a developer, building all of a project's dependencies from scratch inside Docker, because no current packaged version of those dependencies can build the project

ha ha ha cool cool, my employer says the library is "active" again so that's why temporary access to digitized volumes in hathitrust has suddenly disappeared

The Oxyrhynchus Online image servers have been down for weeks, and even if you manage to find a URL that's "supposed" to be in Wayback, you can't load it due to an apparent bug...

‪ἀπόδοτε οὖν τὰ Γιδώρου Γιδώρῳ‬

Made a Siri Shortcut to save any webpage in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the iOS share sheet ✨

Just heard of a grad student instructor at another university that has over FOUR HUNDRED students assigned to them in one course they’re teaching this fall. What the fuck?

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