having a katabasis and an anabasis is also known as “having all your baseis covered”

fun fact: if you're in tmux backscroll, the foreground process gets suspended??

Oh, you put all the untranslated terms and quotes in *italics*? I can totally understand them now

always appreciate when an ebook retains the notice that it was printed “on acid-free 30 percent postconsumer wastepaper”

“video game demos”? you’re telling me there’s a whole city for video games?

“γνῶθι ΣΕΑΥΤΌΝ”? THAT’S what I was missing??

“librarian”…we could have had “bibliophylax”

…you’re telling me an urbis Romae made this forma?

lifehack: put an endpoint on a webapp that will serve the current git revision, and you can just `watch curl -s` that URL to see when a pushed change rolls through your CI/CD pipeline into production

oh, when Nintendo says this SNES game “has never been translated into English” they mean that they, too, did not translate it

left my copy of “Lingua Latina per se Illustrata” in an ornate old chest I found in our attic and now it looks like this??

oh so routledge can't make a frequency dictionary for italian huh…your racism is showing……

starting off with definite articles and trying to work down the frequency list from Trismegistos words

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wait, what if I made an Anki deck to try to memorize all 800+ Ancient Greek tachygraphic signs

lifehack: get clipboard contents from a remote mac to a local mac over SSH

$ ssh remote.hostname pbpaste | pbcopy

stumbled across a papyrus today where a dude finds out his pantry’s being raided by his downstairs neighbors, who drilled a hole in their ceiling and were slowly siphoning out grain papyri.info/ddbdp/bgu;1;322

balan wonderworld is completely baffling as a $60 square-enix game released in 2021

Testing out my amateur epigraphy skills on this newly-discovered mosaic: greekcitytimes.com/2021/04/04/


ὑπὲρ εὐχῆς
του οἴκου
μου ἐποίησα

of prayer
of all my house
I made

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