It has to come from an RSS feed enclosure element for it to be called a podcast, otherwise it’s just sparkling paywalled dudes talking over each other

the price tiers on this SaaS product are “free”, “$12,000 per year”, and “contact us”



My li’l secret tech side project is now using Rails 6 + webpacker + assets on CDN + caching and I just feel really dang good about how fast it is in prod

How many whiskeys were consumed before this review was written? How many whiskeys would I need to consume before I could actually read it?

Free Italian-Greek fusion restaurant name: Gnocchi Σεαυτόν

try our castle-inspired cocktail of apple juice and Irish cream that’s also an informal fallacy. that’s right: it’s a mott’s-and-baileys

The Adventures of J.J. AND Jeff? In THIS economy??

Nixonland, published in 2008, ends in 1972. Reaganland, published in 2020, ends in 1980. Rick Perlstein will catch up with 2020 in 2080 at the age of 101

Bitcoin? Sorry buddy I put all my money in WayneCoyne, the official cryptocurrency of The Flaming Lips

Tired: topics discussed
Wired: topics disgust

Do not start the Zoom meeting 5 minutes early. I'm using those 5 minutes to heat up macaroni & cheese & shovel it into my maw, because the previous Zoom meeting ended 5 minutes early.

probably not going back into the office until 2022

Homebrew has decided it needs to build the JDK from source

Eaglehart is so good it got me to watch all of Get a Life, Cabin Boy, and two episodes of Schitt’s Creek

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