not trying to pull a “yet you participate in society” but c’mon man

Made a Siri Shortcut to save any webpage in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine from the iOS share sheet ✨

someone ended an extremely serious thread with a bitmoji of them doing a mic drop and i’m

July 3rd, 167 BCE—Herakleides complains that 4 enslaved women allotted to him freed themselves, and although he found one, if let go she promised to pay her own ransom and return the other three women to him, but she ghosted him after he agreed;28;16855

Stumbled across this amazing papyrus today where a husband and wife allege that their house was robbed in the middle of the night and all their possessions were smuggled out via a SECRET HEIST TUNNEL that the robbers dug;;45

4 months ago i quietly left 37 copies of 'click' on my parents' hard drive and they've still never noticed or mentioned it

HMU with images you wanna see 3D photo inpainted and I’ll blast ‘em into the 3D photo inpainter tomorrow

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Only problem? It’s a ridiculously bad modern fake, made by reversing and copying a photo of a mosaic discovered in the 1930’s, currently in the Hatay Museum, Antakya, Turkey

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trying out these new chips my wife brought home, made with real pokémon

maybe…maybe this is why nobody has bothered to translate this before

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