August 17th, 120 CE— Tapekysis, daughter of Horos, loans Hermas 300 drachmae with zero interest, on the condition that Hermas gives her possession of a dwelling that belongs to him for as long as the loan is outstanding;3;188

August 15th, 202 CE— the farmer Tesenouphis petitions the centurion Gai[us] —m—enius regarding some seeds and round gourds which were eaten up by cattle invading their farm;22;

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August 4th, 13 BCE— Ladamas and the other beekeepers of the village Choinothmis submit a petition claiming that allegations they hadn't paid enough taxes in the form of honey seven years previously are false, & they have the receipts to prove it;16;2600

July 29th, 257 BCE—Dionysodoros writes to Zenon , saying he's heard that a yacht loaded up with papyrus rolls has sailed to him, and requesting that ten rolls be sent back with the letter-bearer Apollonides;1;22

July 28th, 253 BCE— Kleanax writes to Zenon concerning some mules he's hoping to smuggle alongside Apollonios' mules so that he can avoid paying export and transit taxes on them;2

July 26th, 240 BCE—Sostratos writes to Zenon & Xenophon , asking them to send him bee-keepers for trial in a case where they are accused of stealing the beehives they were being leased. He copies in original documents relating to the case.;3

July 25th, 565 CE— the potter Aurelius Psais takes out a lifetime lease on a potter's workshop, promising to pay rent in the form of 2,400 jars per year;

July 23rd, 7 BCE—Sotas writes to Athenodoros , asking for two months' worth of wages owed so that he can also pay his sailors, mentioning that he's especially ticked off about the missing pay because he's being held prisoner in a temple(!?);16;2606

July 22nd, 12 BCE— Proculus issues an edict banning the wearing of ponchos in Roman Egypt;16;2558

July 21st, 618 CE— the bird-breeder Aurelius Sambas and his wife Eupraxia take out a loan from Ol, a eunuch in the same household where Eupraxia is enslaved. Instead of interest, they will also pay back three large birds.;3;725

July 17th, 161 CE—the 16-year-old Herais registers half a house with a courtyard and exedra belonging to her in Karanis , mentioning that her mother Tanesneus also owns part of two other houses and courtyards;1;154

On July 16th, Poseidonios orders another official to summon Tettaphos so that Peteuris' charges against him can be investigated;20;15000

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July 15th, Peteuris writes again, saying that Tettaphos (who was essentially chief of police of the village of Lysimachis) RETURNED to his workshop, beat him up again, and scattered his inventory all over the place;20;15001

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July 13th, 217 BCE— Peteuris complains that Tettaphos came into his shop to pick up a himation that Thasos dropped off to have cleaned, but when asked for payment he didn't reply & instead attacked him with the help of friends he'd brought along;20;14999

July 12th, 214 CE—Horion, caretaker of the estate of Claudia Isidora, writes to the strategos of the Oxyhrynchite nome , registering a fire which damaged an irrigation machine on the estate, in case anything is discovered about the fire later;41;299

July 11th, 543 CE—an employer petitions a defensor civitatis , complaining that his employee walked off the job and refuses to work;20;15090

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