A short etymological investigation occasioned by reading "The Dawn of Everything":

"potlatch": from Chinook Jargon pátlač to give, a gift, a giving-away ceremony, from Nootka Jargon pa'chēētle, pa'chatle to give, give me, pah-chilt, from Nootka p̓ačiƛ to make a ceremonial gift in a potlatch, adopted into English use in the 19th century


"potluck": now frequently associated with "potlatch" but simply from "pot" + "luck" and already in use in English by 1592

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@ryanfb Thank you for this backgrounder. I often encounter the claim that one came from the other, and it always felt suspect to me when potlatches are all about the host giving gifts and feeding everyone, as opposed to the guests bringing contributions.

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