Some important context for the recent claims for establishing a cosmic airburst at Tall el-Hammam ca. 1650BCE (and trying to link it to the biblical story of Sodom):

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questionable archaeolgy at Tall el-Hamman 

@ryanfb my post on that article is scheduled for November, I note that Bauman lies when he speaks of "the paper claiming that #TallElHammam is the biblical city of #Sodom". I hope all the archaeologists who are excited on birdside go write a working paper explaining their criticisms with just the facts and no nonsense.

questionable archaeolgy at Tall el-Hamman 

@ryanfb it looks to me like the natural scientists might have been fooled by the motivated reasoning of the archaeologists, because they are careful to say "this event might have inspired the story of ..." not "this site was ..." That happens in multidisciplinary projects where no one person can evaluate every stage of the argument.

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