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PodQueue is designed to make it easy to bookmark audio from the web (podcasts, lectures, interviews, radio segments) and listen to it later in your favorite podcast client 🎧

Please try it out and boost!

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The basic frustration that made me build PodQueue is that I would see things around the web that I wanted to listen to later, but I was never able to find a seamless “save it and it just works” solution.

PodQueue works with links from podcast websites, podcast directories, news websites, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc., and generates a standard podcast RSS feed for you so that you can listen later in the podcast client you’re already using.

PodQueue also doesn’t host any audio itself, so listens via PodQueue will still be recorded normally in the server-side statistics most podcasters use:

I built 100% solo in my spare time, so I would really appreciate any signups or feedback! It’s completely free to use for the first 30 days with zero obligations.

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