Terrorism will never be stopped until its origins and sponsorship are understood (Op-Ed by Ken Livingstone @ken4london) rt.com/op-ed/438749-terrorism-

Allegations of sexual misconduct against are like 'four sticks of dynamite wrapped in radioactive material' - NBC host rt.com/usa/438765-kavanaugh-fo

China to impose new tariffs on US goods worth $60 billion effective September 24
READ MORE: rt.com/business/438685-china-u 

'I've missed her!' UFC flyweight champ @HenryCejudo reunited with belt lost en route to Moscow (VIDEO)


Migrant rescue ship won't be allowed to dock back in Italy - Salvini

Changing Influence: New Iraq parliamentary speaker expresses sympathy to Iran, denounces US sanctions

The Times Square ‘Mega-Zilla’ screen will be showing the first Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor press conference on Thursday

Will the sparks fly?

@TheNotoriousMMA @TeamKhabib


‘71 yrs of spying & regime change’: tweets about birthday, gets trolled in comments rt.com/usa/438751-cia-birthday 

BREAKING: German domestic spy chief removed from office, moved to Interior Ministry - government rt.com/news/438750-german-spy- 

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