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The site redesign broke the scraping code. Will update the bot this week hopefully. The toots where I can put the question in the cw and the answer in the body are done for the forseeable future because that endpoint is gone. Might use the triviadb, but so much of that is garbage and I don't want to spend time prescreening these toots.

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Riddlewot is powered by user submissions. Solve the front page riddle then submit your own to replace it. Or spend some time in the archive where there are thousands of riddles available.

You can't see me, yet I'm all around you. I am everything, without me there is nothing. You can hold me in your hand, and you already do. I am everywhere.

Many have heard me. No one have seen me.I will not speak back until spoken to.

My tongue hangs out as i run over fields and streets all day i get tied up every morning and untied at night

I cut through evil like a double edged sword, and chaos flees at my approach balance i single-handedly upraise, through battles fought with heart and mind, instead of with my gaze

A warrior amongst the flowers, he bears a thrusting sword he uses it whenever he must, to defend his golden hoard

You use it between your head and your toes, the more it works the thinner it grows

Up and up and higher and higher, our greatest icon helped boost our empire. (plural)

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