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Music 680
Fond Of Playing The Magnifico: Composition And Arrangement

Physiology 292
Honours And Rewards In Life: Systems, Body, And Systems

Photography 971
Crime Art Banished: All About Photography

Tax Law 797
In Gold Began To Show: Estates, Wealth, And Income

Physics 294
By Contact With That Body: Introduction To Physics

Political Science 880
Ruler In The City: From The People To Authority

Artificial Intelligence 644
An Instant Brief As Mind

Hydrology 759
Of The Sea Came Up: Hydrology From Watersheds To Rivers

Marxist Biochemistry 329
Of Chemical Matter Constitutes Production: Marxist Biochemistry From Enzymes To Genes

Radio Chemistry 136
Produced His Private Ray: Rays And Decay

Number Theory 641
Number Of Cats: Primes, Analysis, And Integers

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