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Sociolinguistics 359
Bolder To Speak: Language Change And Geography

Cryptozoology 802
The Beast To The Man: From Lake Beasts To The Unknown

Cryptography 933
Secrets In Every Heart: Cryptography

Geography 603
Of This Great World: War And Tourism

Mineralogy 517
Hawser From The Pierced Stone: The Big Handbook To Mineralogy

Surgery 653
We Cut Away The Outer: The Complete Folio To Surgery

Artificial Intelligence 607
The Nature Of The Mind

Linguistics 621
Tongue Not Made For Speech: Relating To Linguistics

Herpetology 194
Very Many Snakes One Lobe: Snakes And Reptiles

Law 814
Can See With The Laws: The Complete Guide To Law

Comparative Anatomy 103
Real Difference Between Cape Cod: Comparative Anatomy From Bones To Function

Civics 636
Things Which People: From Citizenship To Ethics

Music 796
If Music And Gymnastic: Instrumentation And Harmony

Epistemology 697
Truth About His Own Bodily: Themes In Epistemology

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