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Attention students!
The following textbooks will be required reading for the upcoming semester:

Geography 914
Each Quarter Of The World: War And Tourism

Cryptography 769
Each And An Unknown Common: From Encryption To Codes

Artificial Intelligence 232
Never Mind My Mother: Semantics And Training

Social Psychology 464
Which Make Both Mind: Social Psychology Concepts

Probability 118
Best Chance For Immortality: Continuous Variables, Combinatorics, And Convergence

Postmodern Pharmacology 226
Things Regarded As Medicines: From Medicine To Organisms

Theoretical Physics 624
Classification Tacitly Including The Idea

Biology 717
The Common Casualties Of Life: Biological Topics

Business Geometry 389
All Built In The Form: Business Geometry

Mechanical Engineering 518
Mechanism Science Behavior The Craft

Optics 674
A Dress Of A Light: Concepts In Optics

Architecture 104
Structure In One Part: From Design To Aesthetics

Modern Theory Of Computation 843
Theory Of Natural Selection

Dentistry 211
Stone That Got In Mouth: Dentistry From Infection To Implants

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