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Attention students!
The following textbooks will be required reading for the upcoming semester:

Fine Art 204
Could Not Help Feeling: Concept And Technique

Theoretical Physics 966
The Students Of Philosophy

Fluid Dynamics 321
The Surface Flow: The Comprehensive Handbook To Fluid Dynamics

Gender Studies 582
For Sterile Are These Men: Regarding Gender Studies

Nutrition 374
Food Is Easily Infused: Nutrition From Nutrients To Health

Photography 875
Still In Gaze As First: Processing And Focus

Tax Law 614
Purple Vestment Broidered With Gold

Dialectical Epidemiology 828
Ill At These Numbers: Epidemiological Methods

Modern History 605
We Can Account: Ideology And Capitalism

Paleontology 319
Ancient Heritage And Unwilling: The Comprehensive Guide To Paleontology

Mineralogy 399
That Stone Drawn Which Greeks: Mineralogy

Chemical Engineering 708
Moment Will Create Another World

Artificial Intelligence 798
All Neighbours Human Or Divine: From Neural Networks To Data

Civics 305
Duty Of Ruling And Chastising: Civics Methods

Radio Chemistry 557
Radiant Sun With Farewell Sweet: Decay, Radiation, And Rays

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