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Attention students!
The following textbooks will be required reading for the upcoming semester:

Political Science 571
Authority Pushes The Crowd

Linguistics 872
Right Way Of Speaking: Linguistics

Entomology 430
On Along The Zephyrs Bees: Beetles And Bees

Sociolinguistics 644
For Me The Language: Sociolinguistic Methods

Speleology 936
Amnisus Off The Cave: Cartography And Tunnels

Finance 207
The Wealth And Finesse: Asset, Investment, And Capital

Quantum Mechanics 167
This Strange Sequence We Turn

Physical Therapy 207
Body Many Souls: Physical Therapy From Ligatures To Muscles

Thermodynamics 230
Cold And From Hot Exhalations

Mathematics 497
Ample For Any Amount: From Logic To Operations

Economics 749
A Large Sum Of Money: Concepts In Economics

Chemistry 989
Primordial Elements More Thoroughly Knit

Actuarial Science 485
Some Danger Of Being Bitten

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