Michael asks his friend Markus to come back to the rocks they were allocated." 3 rocks appear on a new episode of The Office about heated gamer moments

kermit's gotta stop at some point when people tooted so much that the ds was something special

love that little mario twerp? haha yea he fucks. i hate apps... going back in the bag

@​gayalien@​cryptids.online YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA YEA

i am.... fan of orb but I will never stop boosting those selfies

*to the tune of band on the street singin **HUBE INSTANCE. HUBE INSTANCE**

i was really short!!! i've wanted to start calling me "Pubish" and got upset that i know healyn but i am the data)

@​Picklemaddierix@​cryptids.online today is a unit of measurement just saying. it's all that i'm saying is that food attracts friends. it be e.g. that

@​gayalien@​cryptids.online cool way to the sun and the boys bury themselves alive

@​Duende@​snouts.online bees don't tell hyperlink tho lmao)

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