Running into an issue where I am having trouble proving I meet a "minimum impairment criteria" by /u/der3009:

Do you ever get headaches from jogging (especially if you suffer from glaucoma)? by /u/KingWithoutClothes:

Hi! I'm A College Student from Chile, And I’m Doing A Study On Blind & Visually Impaired by /u/jclarocc:

Thoughts on over-litigious ADA lawsuits over website accessibility form the blind by /u/purplenurplepatrol:

This question is for people that were able to see but lost their sight. Can you explain the difference between seeing black and not seeing? by /u/Cubismn:

Fully blind cooks of Reddit: how do you label all your seasonings, sauce bottles etc? by /u/HDMILex:

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