What research have you come across that effectively centers community voices? (#23289) ift.tt/2UChplN

Where can I find good low-cost air quality sensors? (#23277) ift.tt/2R64Ugm

Outreachy proposal: Optimize Performance and Accessibility of Public Lab Content. (#23271) ift.tt/2xItwVK

GSoC 2020 proposal:Public Lab: Leaflet Environmental Layers (LEL): time slider UI (#23268) ift.tt/39vU2ih

how can I measure the wavelength of a red led? I suspect it is about 650nm but I want to know how to measure it. (#23225) ift.tt/2xBN5i6

can i measure solid samples with the lego spectrometer? (#23191) ift.tt/3betYJJ

Taller extracción de lodos, río San Francisco, Cosquín (#23188) ift.tt/3dbJMyx

Outreachy proposal: Optimize perofrmance and accessibility of Public Lab content (#23186) ift.tt/3b7bZov

GSoC 2020 proposal: Spectral Workbench - Rails and DevOps upgrades (#23184) ift.tt/2IWJyO3

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