What kind of spatial acidity variation could be evidence of pollution source in a river? (#26518) ift.tt/2RufJMm

Who controls our air quality ? How do they determine if it's bad ? (#26517) ift.tt/3b8IS6G

2021 US EPA Region 2 Citizen Science Water Monitoring Equipment Loan Program (#26504) ift.tt/3h5eXzW

Why is air quality important? What are ways it can be improved? (#26491) ift.tt/3nP0RnL

I know there are natural sources of VOCs, what are they? How do I avoid them in my air quality monitoring? (#26488) ift.tt/2Rp3nVA

When you don鈥檛 have permission to monitor on a property from the owners and/or your neighbors, what鈥檚 your method for asking them and/or getting permission to monitor? (#26487) ift.tt/3h4GrWq

What's in pollution that makes it so bad for the earth, people, animals and etc and what can we do to make air quality better for the world (#26436) ift.tt/3ugFKNC

What would a system designed to improve air quality with new and fresh air look like? (#26435) ift.tt/3tgtvz2

What's in Air quality that makes it so bad for the earth, people, animals and etc. (#26434) ift.tt/3gZWZz0

When was the air quality healthy before Covid-19 or right will Covid is still out in the world? (#26433) ift.tt/3aX0xhs

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