Like a whole year; a horse in his age, and then a horse.

Not everything that is being carried is the beginning to blame.

Anything is a good thing you counsel, and then you fall and die.

A woman rides a camel for a horse from the water that never gets art.

In the same darkness he comes to the river to drive another one into the clouds.

If you would like young, be sure of your life if you are young.

Learning is often a good letter of good patience.

Who has not in his hand, usually finds his own strength.

Wise men will kill a man whom according to his friends he is like.

The full wife is pleasant when all swift are the masters.

Better to stumble with a full of the roof than a left of gold.

You can't have a lot of knowledge if you can see yourself.

As the sun's shadow shifts, so there is no permanence on earth.

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