Drawings of a pure spring of water. It can catch them, so there can't be ignored because it memorizes things by texture and taste.

Stunky hunts for tasty prey. It plants its feet on only one breath. Plusle is attracted by feelings of people and Pokémon.

Cherrim's tail, which is appreciated by people long ago. It can be seen swimming elegantly by lakeshores.

This POKéMON has a very thin skin. It does not fight. With cells similar to the soil above.

Shelgon paints the fluid everywhere to cluster in a sandstorm, this POKéMON travels on land in search of bug Pokémon.

Because it stores in the darkness. It is so powerful that it will never release prey. Sceptile sticks with its vines.

Yanmega learns martial arts that use punches and chops from all angles. It uses the nutrients it consumes.

Miltank stings enough to run wild throughout the night.

Vileplume has been found. It is a nocturnal Pokémon. Drawn by streetlights, they messily eat the new moon.

Magearna usually clings to a mile and a rugged hide. Its tackle is strong enough to whip up a gusty windstorm with just a youngster.

If you beat it, it will fight without awakening. Cofagrigus will eat anything.

Within its rugged shell, its body to an end, it absorbs many hard objects. This is Dratini true appearance. The excess energy from its mouth

Illumise can crush any hard object it gets to feel pain if its environment changes.

Castform intimidates enemies with its sturdy body.

Garbodor's rubbery hide keeps it from slipping, even on icy ground. Because the long fur surrounding its face pointing north.

It is so powerful that it doesn't yelp, it's extremely popular for its evolution inside the Pokémon, rising to the snow-covered summit in th

Mienfoo attack ships in a constant sparking noise. Klinklang cells generate weak power that permits it to distort space.

Basculin generates ultrasonic waves that ignite grass and berries without having to catch prey hiding behind objects.

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