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a world of dew
on my monitor
steady autumn rain

frying eggs
dry in a row
we stroll along the roof of hell
wild roses blooming

cherry blossoms
sing the great river
a butterfly

the little crow
walking with the cat
spring rains

the wood smoke
welling up
bright moon
in the grass

the first firefly
hanging above the fireplace
in warm socks
spindly bones

the frogs croak
the mist between us
in leaf dew

bells chime
the cold edge
the trail of a snail

smoke from the fire
the butterflies can make love
autumn dusk
smoke from the fire

snowy morning
blows their nose
in the martian sky

a snail
alien atmosphere
the trill of the cicadas

a breeze this evening
a door slides open
small talk

a snail
under this bright moon
its plastic flower

full moon
blinking back tears
forgive me
one by one

the wind curls
even the shadows of mountains
softly, please

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