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low winter sun
this ancient pine tree

the wedding singers
the ballerina
all the way up the hill

a sheet of rain
no one will follow me
this flower-like human heart

the milky way
swallows twitter
chestnuts in the field

darkened water…
the old dog
the watermelons

the distant mountains
they were delicious
winter begins

fresh strawberry
do not trample to pieces
that summer has come

feet against the wall
summer evening

low winter sun
we swear our love
every memory of home

in this world
if my hut bothers you
are you glad of it?

washing the saucepans
within the raindrop…
rising again

summer shower
mountain's shadow
summer shower

lovers parting
the dewdrops fall
the hummingbird still watches
crescent moon

no call from earth
atop a guillotine

gibbous moon
within the raindrop…

an empty snail shell
lost to sight

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