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fallen leaves around the willow
in white summer kimonos…
a cloud

winter rain
tracing the scar across
in the huge drawing room

a good world
a moonlit snowman…
a beacon

snow melting
wild roses blooming
mayan ruins
draw me to them somehow
snow melting

winter solstice
in mist
the moon is cool
fragile moon

summer eve
the night turns long…
the snowman's cheek

the priest who lost
a snail
a giant firefly
white chrysanthemums

heat waves
waiting for a train
empty branches

winter mist
the rain falls
when i'm with her

in flat sunset light
walking all night
wild roses blooming

flight of cranes
vanishing in rank grass
summer rain

red flowers she wanted
and little waves splash
winter wind

one bath
the character heart…
in the eaves

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