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rainy day
even snow on my bedspread
moving its wings

not very anxious
a single bamboo shoot
not very anxious

taking it easy
not bothered at all…
summer moon

winter solitude
shadows of night birds
a flute

bird song
and never again…
another world

the toddler
o snail
admires the cherry blossoms
the toddler

cicada chorus
wherever any water is
winter begins

this year on, forever
shivers, shaking off the butterfly…
trial by fire

chipping ice
rolls along
winter fog
up the river bank

the kitten
hang icicles
the sound of oars
the tolling of a bell

lingering heat
but when moon lights
in the moonlight

orion's belt
and a winter alone
my child is born
orion's belt

accompanies the lonely moon
evening twilight

the train was coming
the night turns long…
lovely insect song

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